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How do I Order?

Orders are taken through our "Contact" tab here on the website, and also through our Facebook page. Just fill out all pertinent information. In the details box, please include event/theme/colors, etc. This will help us to come up with an estimate and a design. Once we receive your request, we will check our calendar for availability and be in touch ASAP with an estimate (if the date is open on our calendar). Your order does NOT go onto our calendar until we receive a 50% non-refundable deposit. This can be paid by cash, check, or paypal.

Ordering in Advance

We do ask for orders to be placed a minimum of 2 weeks before the event date. Making custom baked goods is a lengthy process (a batch of hand decorated cookies can take up to a week to complete!), and we want to give each order the necessary amount of time to provide the best possible product. It is NEVER too early to order- and our calendar fills up very fast! We take orders on a first come, first served basis, and orders DO NOT go on our calendar until we receive a 50% non-refundable deposit. Please, no changes to orders once deposit has been made, unless you are adding more items (and this is dependent upon our availability as well)


Our pricing varies depending on amount of detail/size, etc. Please see our menu tab for general prices as well as a list of what we offer. Last minute orders are subject to availability and to a $15 rush fee.


In accordance with the Michigan Cottage Baker Law, I am unable to ship orders. We will arrange either delivery (plus a delivery fee), pick-up at my location, or meeting at a convenient location.

Please Note

We do not make full fondant decorated cakes- we are a buttercream bakery. We will occasionally use fondant for decorations and such.

Important to Know

We make every effort to package our items in such a way that they reach their destination in great shape! We place dowel rods in 2 tier cakes to keep them supported, and we package cupcakes in special holders. However, once the items leave our hands, we are no longer responsible for them. We suggest driving very carefully, and always putting cake, cookie and cupcake packages on the floor of your car, or surrounded by soft supports in your trunk. NEVER place baked goods on the seat in your car. We also suggest NOT having someone hold the cake on their lap. During summer months, air conditioning is a MUST, especially with cakes and cupcakes.

Food Allergies/Restrictions

As a Michigan Cottage Law business, we are not a licensed kitchen and we cannot guarantee items being completely nut free or gluten free. We do take these issues seriously, and make every effort to use safe ingredients in special orders. However, this is a home kitchen that regularly uses nut and gluten products in production of our meals and cannot be guaranteed to be completely nut or gluten free. Please proceed with caution- we are not responsible for any allergic reactions as our foods are NOT guaranteed to be allergen free.